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Change your thoughts and change your world.

Norman Vincent Peale


Clinical Hypnotherapy enables you to create fast, effective, positive changes in your life. Hypnotherapy allows you to change unwanted or undesirable patterns or behaviours in a totally safe and natural way.  Hypnosis empowers you to live the life you want and be the person that you want to be. Hypnosis is an education and communication process by which the conscious and unconscious minds agree.

Your mind and body are connected - Whatever the mind agrees with, the body responds to!

Hypnosis is guided daydreaming. It is a safe and natural, altered state of consciousness, it is not unconsciousness. You can hear and understand what is being said, and are aware of what is happening around you. However, you will not care and will be more internally focused. In this trance state, you have greater control over your mind and body than you do when in a normal state of consciousness.


You are in a hypnotic trance state when you are reading, watching TV or a movie, driving a car, drying the dishes etc, all these activities are performed more unconsciously than consciously and are totally natural, normal and safe. Clinical Hypnotherapy allows you to access your unconscious resources, strength and wisdom which enables you to create new behaviours, new ways of thinking and find new and constructive solutions to your problems.  Hypnosis allows you to change your limiting beliefs and reactions and opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities.


A person who is hypnotised will not do anything against their moral code of ethics or accept suggestions that are damaging or life threatening. You will never accept a suggestion that your belief system does not accept or agree with. You will not and cannot do anything against your will. A hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything.


Will hypnosis work for me? Trance is a natural occurring state that all people have experienced at sometime during their life. The ability to change unwanted behaviours, patterns and perceptions is the sole responsibility of you, you must want the change to occur, you and only you must have the desire to achieve your goals someone else wanting those goals for you isn’t a good enough motivator for change.


Above all else, hypnosis is a pleasurable experience!



Extraordinary Therapies
Extraordinary Therapies
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Clinical Hypnotherapy enables you to create fast, effective, positive changes in your life.

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